Space Management Software

Optimize use of your physical space and get better intelligence who's using this expensive asset and how.

Space Management Software

What is Space Management Software

Space is an asset to your organization. Are you treating it that way? One way or another you probably are, though not as efficiently as you could be. Maintaining an inventory of your space is more critical than ever as organizations rethink how it should be used. Knowledge of the ownership, capabilities and functions of your physical space will guide decision making in organizational and strategic alignments. Centralized or not, space management should provide a consistent means to communicate what the physical space condition is across the portfolio. Space management is knowing who owns the space, who occupies it and how it is used. With managed space information you can provide clarity to understand if your facilities can support the vision of the organization as you plan how to operate into the future.

Key Benefits


Know Who Uses
Which Space


Track Detailed
Space Information

View Interactive Floor Plans

View Interactive
Floor Plans


Quickly Answer
Space Queries


Forecast Needs
with Confidence


Improve Security
& Communication

Surveys to Update Occupancy

Surveys to
Update Occupancy

Our Unique Approach


Visualize Your Space

  • Floorplans in Operate show detailed space information visually, and also identify rooms to support asset location.
  • Any data in Operate can also be used in AutoCAD drawings within the OperateCAD tool to provide a variety of graphic reporting options on a floorplan, a stack plan and a composite plan.
  • Provide interactive floorplan graphics to your customers with Engage Space.


Improved Utilization

Engage Space crowdsources space data from trusted sources and makes it visible to government leaders, enabling them to optimize space utilization and inform long-range planning. The solution answers practical questions that come up every day like: Where is everybody? Where is the vacant space? How big is that building?


Integrated Solution

The best integration is "no integration", meaning everything you need resides in a single software platform as opposed to integrating disparate systems. FacilityForce is designed from the ground up to use a common database of properties and assets, which provides a seamless experience across the board.

Whether or not you leverage them all, the fact that FacilityForce offers real estate & lease management, space management, maintenance & operations, capital planning & project management, and energy management means room for growth.


Define Your Scope

FacilityForce is an enterprise application that can be deployed as narrowly or as broadly as you'd like, meaning you can use it within a single department, across multiple agencies or deploy it organization-wide (i.e., entire city/county/state/federal agency).

Some customers start with a single department (such as general services, facilities) and find they can easily add real estate, capital construction, transportation, health, education, corrections, parks and more. Ultimately, broader scope can be a force multiplier as greater visibility across a portfolio leads to better alignment with organizational goals.


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