Facility Condition Assessment Software

Accurate, objective and up-to-date facility condition assessment (FCA) data is key to executing your strategic plan.

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Facility Condition Assessment Software

What is Facility Condition Assessment Software?

You need to get the most from your physical resources and assets. Run-to-fail is not a good business model. Knowing the condition of your facilities is the key to long-range planning. A condition assessment looks at the inventory of assets and systems and assigns lifecycle values to each asset that you, in turn, use to predict the useful life of your assets. This information is used to strategically plan your preventive maintenance program and identify future expenditures.

Meet Organizational Needs

  • Understand the condition of entire systems in order to inform on the ability of facilities to meet organizational objectives
  • Reduce impact to your business operations by predicting when critical assets will need replacement
  • Support decision making with reliable information about the expected life of your assets and systems


Optimize Your Resources

  • Align and adjust your preventive maintenance program to the unique need of your assets through their lifecycle
  • Be proactive in managing asset replacement by having the knowledge of their condition
  • Put your limited budget where it needs to be spent by understanding replacement costs of assets reaching the end of life
  • Reduce the risk of surprise expenditures through clear communication with leadership

Key Benefits


Predict Useful
Life of Assets


Track Facility

Plan for Asset Replacement

Plan for Asset


Budget for
Future Expenditures


Plan Preventive

Align Facilities to Organizational Goals

Align Facilities to
Organizational Goals

Strategically Manage Your Portfolio

Strategically Manage
Your Portfolio

Our Unique Approach


Tracking Condition & Deficiencies

The condition of assets and their systems is just another perspective of the information that should be collected about an asset. It is traditionally a milestone reading, often done by a third party, and usually only captured on a periodic basis (every 3-5 years). Depending on the timing of that reading, large gaps can occur and the true condition of the asset might not align. FacilityForce's approach is to merge the condition information with typical asset information.


Ongoing Assessment

Who knows more about the assets than the people that see them on a daily basis? With FacilityForce Operate and the Perform Asset Management mobile application your trusted personnel can update asset condition information as part of the normal course of maintenance operations.

We also support the traditional condition assessment process and our mobile Perform Asset Management application can be used by that third party consultant you bring in to do the assessment. However, maintaining that baseline reading, over time, until the next reading is the key to making sure your assets and systems perform to their expected life.


FCA & Strategic Planning

Our Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) and strategic planning Solution seamlessly integrates facility and asset management with capital planning using an extensive range of tools and mobile apps under a single, unified software platform. The solution allows you to store both asset life cycle and deficiency data within our industry-leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). Now, accurate, real-time asset and assessment data makes data-driven, long-range strategic planning and budgeting a reality.


Strategic Facility & Asset Planning

FacilityForce takes a holistic approach to facility and asset management, handling everything from commissioning and deploying assets, to preventive and corrective maintenance, to condition assessment and identification of deficiencies, to capital planning and improvement projects, and more. Going beyond traditional enterprise asset management (EAM) software, the FacilityForce integrated solution provides a complete picture of facility and asset costs, condition, deficiencies and expected life in order to strategically plan for your organization's mission and growth. 


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