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Engage with your customers and community via an easy-to-use, self-service portal.


What is FacilityForce Engage?

FacilityForce Engage is a family of self-service portal solutions that provide a user-friendly, fully integrated means connecting you with your customers to provide the highest level of facilities service. You provide critical services to your organization and the community you serve, and Engage is a reflection of your commitment to these customers. Whether it's providing a simple way for a visitor to report a problem in one of your buildings, giving a director access to space occupancy information for planning purposes, or streamlining communications with your vendors, the Engage family of products has you covered.

Engage Requests

Engage Requests is a sophisticated facility service request solution that can be tailored to your business workflow needs, improves communication and data capture across your organization, and speeds up the request to the resolution process.

Engage Space

Engage Space connects the people that know the most about your space data to your operation within a single, unified platform that features the advanced capabilities of the Autodesk Forge Viewer, mobile-friendly space surveys, and integrated Google Maps.

Engage Vendor

Coming soon... Engage Vendor will provide a self-service portal to streamline communications and the exchange of data between your vendors and your organization.

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Where FacilityForce Engage Excels


Improve Communication

Engage Requests is a user-friendly, integrated facility service request solution that improves communication across your organization and speeds up request to resolution.

Engage connects the requester, facilities department, and technicians in the field for each service request. The system creates clarity and enables near real-time communication, so everyone remains in the loop as work is planned, scheduled, and executed.


Improve Customer Service

Engage Requests allows you to create customized templates for different facility service requests that:

  1. Streamline the request form and make it easy for your customers to complete
  2. Ensure you capture complete information depending on the nature of the request, which saves reaching back out to the requester
  3. Route requests appropriately for approval and completion
  4. Keep all stakeholders (including the customer) informed of progress and status changes


Custom Workflows

The workflow engine in Engage Requests is incredibly sophisticated and allows you to:

  1. Create custom workflows with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow designer
  2. Ensure requests have funding approval (if applicable) before any work proceeds
  3. Conditionally generate multi-trade work orders when necessary
  4. Dynamically route by property, location, account, and many other data elements


Improve Utilization

Engage Space crowdsources space data from trusted sources and makes it visible to government leaders, enabling them to optimize space utilization and inform long-range planning. The solution answers practical questions that come up every day like: Where is everybody? Where is the vacant space? How big is that building?


End-to-End Solution

FacilityForce provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for facilities management including the ability to:

  1. Capture complete details via a sophisticated online request engine (Engage),
  2. Enable map-centric asset management with the embedded power of Esri ArcGIS (Locate),
  3. Route requests according to your business processes for approval, schedule and allocate the necessary resources (Operate),
  4. Dispatch to field personnel who use mobile apps to locate the job, order parts, log time and complete the work (Perform),
  5. Track complete costs and performance metrics across your organization (Analyze),
  6. Leverage standardized tools to streamline processes and exchange data with other systems (Automate).


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