Facilities Work Control Software

Streamlining and improving facilities customer service from request to resolution.

Facilities Work Control Software

What is Facilities Work Control Software?

Work Control is the customer-facing group within a facilities organization which helps guide customer requests from creation to timely resolution, coordinates work and serves as the "single source of truth" for all facilities activities.

Facilities organizations want to ensure that customers get the support they need, from initiation to resolution of their request. Customer requests do not flow straight to job assignments and scheduling, and Work Control vets customer requests for completeness and errors that can adversely impact work planning. Sometimes, a request may be a common issue that the customer can resolve themselves (example: Press the red button to reset the garbage disposal).

Work Control helps coordinate the work of different departments and contractors, and serves as a central source of facilities information for internal and external customers. Once a service or maintenance request is approved, its prioritization for assignment and scheduling may be subject to many operational and strategic factors. Work Control can provide customer updates to customers to ensure they are informed of progress or issues.

The core responsibilities of Work Control make it critical to the success and responsiveness of a facilities organization. Emergency monitoring is an institution-wide responsibility of Work Control to ensure the fulfillment of facilities services when it matters most. It is also in such cases that communication is essential, and Work Control is the natural resource for answering questions about emergencies and related, coordinated activities.

Work Control is a crucial part of facilities management which helps to promote customer satisfaction and the most effective use of facilities resources.

Key Benefits


Customer Service


Keep Stakeholders


Coordinate Services
& Resources


Customer Requests



Facilities Information Hub

Information Hub

Monitor Service Levels & Trends

Monitor Service
Levels & Trends


Access Control

Our Unique Approach


Hub of Information

Whether qualifying new requests, monitoring emergency work or answering customer questions, FacilityForce Operate provides you Work Control team with an intuitive and centralized hub of facilities maintenance work information. Shop, building and asset (example: elevators) service level and trend metrics using FacilityForce Analyze keeps visibility on high profile problems to the organization.


Paperless Service Requests

From initiation with Engage Requests to work completion with the Perform Mobile Apps, FacilityForce provides and end-to-end, paperless service request process: request, qualification, assignment and real-time status monitoring equip Work Control with a complete picture of facilities maintenance to support the entire organization.


Keep Customers Informed

Job status updates made by field technicians via the Perform Mobile Apps are sent automatically in real-time to the customer who initiated the request. Customer communication is promoted through automated email communications at key service process steps.


End-to-End Solution

FacilityForce provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for facilities management including the ability to:

  1. Capture complete details via a sophisticated online request engine (Engage),
  2. Enable map-centric asset management with the embedded power of Esri ArcGIS (Locate),
  3. Route requests according to your business processes for approval, schedule and allocate the necessary resources (Operate),
  4. Dispatch to field personnel who use mobile apps to locate the job, order parts, log time and complete the work (Perform),
  5. Track complete costs and performance metrics across your organization (Analyze),
  6. Leverage standardized tools to streamline processes and exchange data with other systems (Automate).


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