Facilities System Integration

Synchronize critical data from multiple systems, completely and timely, through configurable interface options.

Facilities System Integration

What are Facilities System Integration?

Managing facility operations requires multiple organizations working together. This is mirrored by the many systems and sub-systems that are supporting these organizations and the need to integrate them. Organizations invest in system integration where there is a need to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve the data quality and speed of their information flow. The most successful integrations are those that are automated, run in the background, and eliminate manual bottlenecks. 

The best integration is no integration. What we mean by this is, a fully featured IWMS organically integrates several essential components of facility operations (e.g., operational data, property data, asset data, financial data, field data, etc.) so they are already part of the same database and data integrations are not needed between these components. 

Most mature applications will provide a set of APIs for real-time integrations as a preferred option to share data between systems. This is recommended by most vendors as opposed to embedded database to database integrations which are less likely to stay current with advances in the application. A strong API option will provide you with the proper security and dependability that a well built system integration requires. 

While APIs are a solid option to integrate changes and updates between systems its also good to have available options for synchronizing data in larger sets or on a regular scheduled interval. These integrations should be configurable and provide all the options you need to schedule, select, and format the data you need from the source system to its destination.

Key Benefits


Secure, Real-Time


Data Connectors


Easy to Setup
& Manage



Bulk Import & Export w/Excel

Bulk Import &
Export w/Excel




Data Migration

Our Unique Approach


Integrated Solution

The best integration is "no integration", meaning everything you need resides in a single software platform as opposed to integrating disparate systems. FacilityForce is designed from the ground up to use a common database of properties and assets, which provides a seamless experience across the board.

Whether or not you leverage them all, the fact that FacilityForce offers real estate & lease management, space management, maintenance & operations, capital planning & project management, and energy management means room for growth.


Standards-Based APIs

FacilityForce is a mature application that has been integrated with a wide variety of other systems on the market. Whether you need integrated authentication (for Single Sign-On), need to integrate with your organization's financial system, want to use a 3rd party business intelligence tool or whatever, we have various standards-based means of integrated (including purpose-built APIs) to ensure FacilityForce fits well into your solutions ecosystem. 


Automate Data Connectors

Automate Data Connectors (DCs) are configurable automation solutions for synchronizing FacilityForce data with other systems. Connectors use a simple parameter-based workflow in FacilityForce to schedule batch runs which have validation, logging, notifications, and searchable run history. Maintain trust in your data with DCs by:

  • Avoiding Disruptions - Provides reliable and efficient data synchronization
  • Scheduled Updates - Schedules the data update frequency for your business needs
  • Actionable Notifications - Notifications contain Batch link navigation to effectively resolve issues


FRP is the Future of IWMS

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS Software) incorporates the capabilities of various point solutions such as CMMS, CAFM, REPM, CPM, and EAM systems in a single, integrated platform.

Although FacilityForce can be called an IWMS, we prefer to call it Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) because it goes beyond the capabilities of IWMS software to address the unique needs of government and commercial organizations.


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