Facilities Data Security

Your facilities organization data is a valuable asset that must be protected.

Facilities Data Security

What is Facilities Data Security?

Data security is a set of processes and practices designed to protect your critical information technology (IT) ecosystem including its files, databases, and accounts from unauthorized access or corruption. Data security is critical to public sector organizations and must be integral to all stages of the data's lifecycle from inception to disposal. When ingrained within the people, the process and the organization, data security will guard against cyberattacks, human error and hardware failures.

Data security can be categorized into types including: access controls, authentication, backup & recovery, data erasure, data masking, data resiliency and encryption. There are also three core elements to data security that all organizations should adhere to: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Data security is a critical element to regulatory compliance, so you’ll want to work with an experienced software provider that takes data security seriously and partners with you on compliance.

Key Benefits


Valuable Data


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Prevent Website Downtime

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Avoid Costly

Our Unique Approach


Your Data Security is a Priority

FacilityForce is committed to ensuring your data security, whether we host your system or not:

  • Enjoy the benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) including improved security compliance. We support LDAP, Shibboleth and CAS (Central Authentication Service) out-of-the-box.
  • Data encryption supported by the following database platforms: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.
  • Secure access to APIs for reporting and real time interfacing
  • Authentication auditing
  • Multiple levels of authorization based security:
    • Screen and table level role based permission controls
    • Row level security with SQL based security filters
    • Multi-tenanted security for for separate organization managed by the same instance
  • Administrator controlled queries assignable by group
  • FedRAMP Compliant (see below)
  • Automated continuous security scanning of all products
  • Known vulnerabilities are proactively managed, and security patches are applied as required

FedRAMP Compliant

FedRAMP stands for the “Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.” It standardizes security assessment and authorization for cloud products and services used by U.S. federal agencies.


The goal is to make sure federal data is consistently protected at a high level in the cloud.


Getting FedRAMP authorization is serious business. The level of security required is mandated by law. There are 14 applicable laws and regulations, along with 19 standards and guidance documents. It’s one of the most rigorous software-as-a-service certifications in the world.


Our FedRAMP compliance is a reflection of our commitment to your data security.


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