Energy & Utility Chargeback Software

Energy & Utility Chargeback Software

Manage the internal chargeback of utility costs to agencies or departments within your organization.

Energy & Utility Chargeback Software

What is Energy & Utility Chargeback Software?

Are you challenged by the complexity of allocating energy costs internally to agencies/departments within your organization (a.k.a., utility chargebacks or energy cost recovery)? Do you need to include other internal expenses (maintenance, distribution, administration, etc.) in your allocation of energy costs? Does your organization struggle to compile detailed energy information for each building and/or campus location? If you answered yes to any of these, you can benefit from using Energy & Utility Chargeback Software.

Energy & Utility Chargeback Software can simplify utility bill accounting by collecting and analyzing the line item detail in bills and eliminating both multi-vendor and home-grown methods of tracking costs across your entire organization. Additionally, the accurate usage and cost data that an Energy & Utility Chargeback System compiles is the basis for an effective energy management program. Energy usage data by building can be used for benchmarking and to identify and prioritize energy saving projects.

Key Benefits

Accurately Track Energy Spend

Accurately Track
Energy Spend


Cut Consumption;
Save Money


Streamline Energy
Cost Allocation


Decision Making

Visualize Your Utility Trends

Visualize Your
Utility Trends


Rapid Return on
Investment (ROI)


Meter Reading


Visibility Across
Your Portfolio

Our Unique Approach


Total Cost Recovery

FacilityForce accurately tracks utility costs, the cost of distribution systems and the maintenance of those systems to capture total energy costs for recovery. The system allows you to define any utility meters and even virtual meters to properly allocate costs to agencies, departments or divisions within your organization.


Visualize Your Energy Usage

Compare vendor supplied utility usage with internal metering to verify accurate billing and internal chargebacks. Visual your energy usage over time, detect trends and benchmark buildings with one another.


In Process Validation

FacilityForce performs in-process data validation at various milestones to ensure your meter data aligns to billing data.


Integrated Solution

FacilityForce removes the utility information silo and instead analyzes it alongside property, operations, and space data all stored within our fully-integrated facility management solution that we call Facilities Resource Planning (FRP)


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