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Our customer care team is here to help ensure your FacilityForce software is working for you.

FacilityForce Software Support

What is FacilityForce Software Support?

If you're an existing customer looking for help, please see Customer Support, otherwise read on to learn about our support services.

Today’s complex information technology ecosystem demands reliable performance from your FacilityForce software solution. You can scarcely afford the frustration and inconvenience that arise from system downtime. But the fact is, system-related issues do sometimes occur—and usually when you can least afford them.

That’s why it’s crucial to have the backing of a comprehensive support plan—one that rapidly resolves your technical issues, provides high-quality customer service and offers a wealth of valuable benefits.

FacilityForce Software Support delivers unparalleled value in a comprehensive portfolio of support services that enable your organization to get the most from your software investment.

Choose Your Level of Success

Features Standard Success Premier Success Signature Success
Customer Resource Center Yes Yes Yes
Customer Care Portal Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Contacts 1 Up to 5 Up to 10
Dedicated Customer Success Manager   Yes Yes
Training and Services Discounts   Yes Yes
Customer Health Checks   Yes Yes
Event and Certification Management     Yes
Users Conference Passes Early-Bird Discount 3 Passes 6 Passes


Interim System Administration Services

FacilityForce is also pleased to offer system administration services for customers in transition between administrators, or who would like help training and onboarding a new system administrator. Contact us to discuss your situation and we would be happy to tailor a services engagement to meet your specific needs.

Key Benefits


Customer Care

Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Unlimited Phone
& Email Support


Software Releases


Self-Service Portal
Available 24/7


Webinar & Training


Online Help &
Knowledge Base


Track Enhancement


Premier & Signature
Levels Available

Focused on Achieving Your Goals


Success-Focused Process

Our Software Support is a key element in our process approach to delivering professional services with customer success at the center of it all. Our various teams (including sales, service, technical services, custom development, customer care and account services) all work with your customer success manager who serves as a consistent contact and advocate for your success throughout the process.

Invested in Your Success

Invested in Your Success

We believe that our success as a software company depends entirely on your success with our software solutions. As such, we have a vested interest in helping you achieve your strategic and business goals. Our professional services can help ensure long-term success for both of us, by ensuring a solution fit to your business needs, driving user acceptance and adoption, and keeping it all running smoothly with technical and support services.

FacilityForce's professional services team is made up of project managers experienced in all aspects of facilities management. Leveraging industry best practices, we work with your organization to streamline and improve all aspects of your business processes in harmony with the design intent of our software.

Youre Part of the Family

You're Part of the Family

We believe in treating customers like family, including values like commitment to our relationship, being here for you (stability), respect for your needs and goals, appreciation for our relationship, and a promise to resolve conflict fairly. Although we do this in our everyday course of business, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the family feel is to join us at an annual Users Conference, where we get the chance to spend some quality time with customers face-to-face.

Collaborative Product Development

Collaborative Product Development

We don't just develop software in a back room and 'hope' that it meets your needs. Instead, we engage and work collaboratively with our customer base to enhance and develop new software solutions that solve real-world problems. We routinely create Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to design and validate software enhancements and new product development before we bring it to market, which ensures the need and value of our products to customers.

Product Support


Product Advancement

Regularly release new versions including customer requested enhancements and major product innovation.


Customer Priority Defects Addressed

Defects are prioritized and addressed in major releases and patches throughout the year.


Technical and Security Upgrades

Tech stack and dependencies are kept up-to-date to avoid security-related vulnerabilities or degraded service.


Product Accessibility Compliance

All products tested against current web accessibility standards.


7 to 7 Call-in Support

Multi-level support escalation to address all issues ranging from product support to mission critical.


24-7 Online Support Ticket Management

Customer portal available 24x7. Multiple contacts can be notified as a ticket is troubleshot and reaches resolution.


Searchable Knowledge Base Articles

24x7 access to KB articles based on the most common questions fielded by our customer support team.


Embedded Product On-line Help

Context sensitive searchable and up-to-date help related to each module and screen.


Customer Resource Center

Extensive collection of webinars, training videos and conference sessions to help both new and existing users.


Customer Success Management

Regular contact with a customer success manager who can keep you on-track toward achieving your goals.


Custom Development

Interfaces and product extensions that provide automated integrations with external systems and improve operational efficiency.


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