FacilityForce Hosting Services

Get up-and-running faster, and minimize the need for internal IT support, by running FacilityForce software in the cloud.

FacilityForce Hosting Services

What are FacilityForce Hosting Services?

Application Hosting Services is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables customers to adopt and deploy a software application like FacilityForce entirely from a remote cloud infrastructure. By leveraging our hosting services, you can minimize your internal IT costs (for specialized resources and computer infrastructure), eliminate the administrative burden, minimize your risk and secure guaranteed uptime.

Key Benefits


Dependence on IT

Eliminate Hardware Costs

Hardware Costs




Patches & Updates








Use Latest

Focused on Achieving Your Goals


Success-Focused Process

Our Hosting Services are a key element in our process approach to delivering professional services with customer success at the center of it all. Our various teams (including sales, service, technical services, custom development, customer care and account services) all work with your customer success manager who serves as a consistent contact and advocate for your success throughout the process.

Invested in Your Success

Invested in Your Success

We believe that our success as a software company depends entirely on your success with our software solutions. As such, we have a vested interest in helping you achieve your strategic and business goals. Our professional services can help ensure long-term success for both of us, by ensuring a solution fit to your business needs, driving user acceptance and adoption, and keeping it all running smoothly with technical and support services.

FacilityForce's professional services team is made up of project managers experienced in all aspects of facilities management. Leveraging industry best practices, we work with your organization to streamline and improve all aspects of your business processes in harmony with the design intent of our software.

Youre Part of the Family

You're Part of the Family

We believe in treating customers like family, including values like commitment to our relationship, being here for you (stability), respect for your needs and goals, appreciation for our relationship, and a promise to resolve conflict fairly. Although we do this in our everyday course of business, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the family feel is to join us at an annual Users Conference, where we get the chance to spend some quality time with customers face-to-face.

Collaborative Product Development

Collaborative Product Development

We don't just develop software in a back room and 'hope' that it meets your needs. Instead, we engage and work collaboratively with our customer base to enhance and develop new software solutions that solve real-world problems. We routinely create Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to design and validate software enhancements and new product development before we bring it to market, which ensures the need and value of our products to customers.

Hosting Support


Best-in-class Hosting Environments

Amazon Web Services best practices leveraged to provide scalable environment with built-in performance monitoring.


Consistent Availability & Monitoring

Pervasive vulnerability scanning and security tools for 24/7 monitoring for threat protection.


Disaster Recovery

Documented disaster recovery procedures to prevent loss of data in case of system outage.


Database Backups

  • Data backups are captured nightly and stored up to 14 days.
  • Periodic backup restores are performed to verify data.
  • Database servers are setup in AWS as a Multi A-Z configuration for redundancy and failover backup.
  • All data stored within the United States.

Version & Patch Upgrade Support

FacilityForce provides full upgrade support for each hosted environment on request.


Security & Data Privacy Compliance

SOC2 Type 2 Assessment and certified.


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