Facilities Compliance

Compliance lays the foundation on which you build your facilities management reputation.

Facilities Compliance

What is Facilities Compliance?

Generally speaking, compliance means adhering to a rule, such as a policy, standard, specification or law outlined by a third party. Regulatory compliance defines the goals organizations want to achieve to ensure that they understand and take the necessary steps to comply with policies, relevant laws, and regulations.

With regard to the software we produce, we go to great lengths to ensure that our software helps our customers comply with requirements around security, data protection, financial reporting, accessibility, service availability and more. Examples of third party requirements include WCAG and Section 508 Compliant (accessibility standards), FASB/GASB accounting standards, FedRAMP-compliant hosting, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and SOC 2 Type 2.

By providing compliance with these requirements, FacilityForce software solutions ensure requirements and best practices are followed so that customer data is secure, recoverable and provides reports that meet the needs of regulatory compliance.

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Our Unique Approach


Your Compliance is a Priority

FacilityForce is committed to providing software solutions that help you maintain compliance, whether we host your system or not. Following are highlights of that commitment, including elements of software design, technologies, and operational practices:


  • FacilityForce products are developed with accessibility in mind. Our product suite is designed to be 508 Complaint and meet federal accessibility standards.
  • Firewall protection and management
  • FedRAMP Compliance via AWS GovCloud (see below)
  • Internal auditing of policies and practices for maturity levels.
  • The FacilityForce solution helps you monitor your portfolio and operations so as to ensure compliance with both internal and external requirements.

SOC 2® Type 2 Compliant

Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the SOC 2 examination is designed for organizations of any size, regardless of industry and scope, to ensure the personal assets of their potential and existing customers are protected. SOC 2 reports are recognized globally and affirm that a company’s infrastructure, software, people, data, policies, procedures and operations have been formally reviewed.


FacilityForce's successful SOC 2 audit marks an important milestone for FacilityForce, and confirms our adherence to security and accountability, giving our customers even greater confidence that their data is being carefully stored and protected.

TX-RAMP Level 2 Certified 

Established by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), TX-RAMP compliance provides “a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud computing services that process the data of a state agency.”


Achieving the TX-RAMP Level 2 is a testament to the meticulous efforts and dedication of our cybersecurity team. It reflects our collective efforts, and how we remain steadfast in our mission to provide innovative solutions with the highest level of security and reliability.


FedRAMP Compliant

FedRAMP stands for the “Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.” It standardizes security assessment and authorization for cloud products and services used by U.S. federal agencies.


The goal is to make sure federal data is consistently protected at a high level in the cloud.


Getting FedRAMP authorization is serious business. The level of security required is mandated by law. There are 14 applicable laws and regulations, along with 19 standards and guidance documents. It’s one of the most rigorous software-as-a-service certifications in the world.


FacilityForce can provide FedRAMP compliance via our AWS GovCloud-based hosting services.


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