FacilityForce Analyze

Monitor KPIs and get actionable insights from your facilities data.


What is FacilityForce Analyze?

FacilityForce Analyze is a reporting and data analytics solution for Operate users who need to align decisions and activities to business objectives using FacilityForce data. Analyze features range from standard metrics to custom reporting and secure FacilityForce data access. Facilities professionals in any role benefit from Analyze chart visuals that lead them to problem areas or areas for real potential business opportunities! Combine these features with the ability to tailor reporting at each level to align with leadership objectives, and you have a transformative business intelligence (BI) technology and a multiplier of business results.

Analyze features leverage your FacilityForce data while remaining flexible enough to impact business results in many areas. Along with standards-based metrics, Analyze lets you create your own “learning metrics” to understand business impacts and grow confidence in decisions. Out-of-the-box reporting makes your FacilityForce data immediately useful to understand facilities processes and performance. Equipped with the flexible and intuitive BI tools in Operate, Analyze empowers individuals and their institutions to multiply business success. What you need and what you expect, together again in Analyze.

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Key Benefits


Facilities Metrics




Custom Reporting


Chart Visuals


Business Intelligence


Align Organization
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Where FacilityForce Analyze Excels


Gain Valuable Insights

Analyze is the Business Intelligence (BI) solution built into FacilityForce facility management software. Analyze increases the value of facilities data by providing intuitive data visuals to specific facilities roles which have direct application to their tasks and decisions. Within the FacilityForce Operate environment, and by enabling advanced data analytics with web services, Analyze makes business insights available through reports and dashboards to team members and stakeholders of a facilities organization.


Visualize Your Data

Facilities organizations must have business insights that cover both the known standards of the industry, while providing the means to adapt to changing needs. Analyze brings the management of facilties team focus into the control of the organization through a centralized management of standards-based reports and metrics, as well as the ability to quickly create custom data visualizations. Administrators then push charts, reports and notifications to team members as Operate WorkDesk dashboards which are seen on login.


Make Better Decisions

Analyze delivers easy-to-use business intelligence in FacilityForce software which is needed to keep a facilities organization informed of the state of operations, enable them to make better decisions, and to make them strategic in the management of resources in the face of change.


  • Built on RESTful web services
  • Web services data and analytics access
  • Custom data visuals integrated with data search
  • Rapid dashboard push updates to facilities teams
  • Custom data visual auditioning of chart types
  • Growing list of available reporting data sources


Integrated Solution

The best integration is "no integration", meaning everything you need resides in a single software platform as opposed to integrating disparate systems. FacilityForce is designed from the ground up to use a common database of properties and assets, which provides a seamless experience across the board.

Whether or not you leverage them all, the fact that FacilityForce offers real estate & lease management, space management, maintenance & operations, capital planning & project management, and energy management means room for growth.


End-to-End Solution

FacilityForce provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for everything facilities including the ability to:


  1. capture complete details via a sophisticated online request engine (Engage),
  2. route requests according to your business processes for approval, schedule and allocate the necessary resources (Operate),
  3. dispatch to field personnel who use mobile apps to locate the job, order parts, log time and complete the work (Perform),
  4. track complete costs and performance metrics across your organization (Analyze),
  5. leverage standardized tools to streamline processes and exchange data with other systems (Automate).


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