Real Estate & Lease Management Software

Helps organizations manage their entire portfolio of properties, as well as leases from the landlord or tenant perspective.

Real Estate & Lease Management Software

What is Real Estate & Lease Management Software?

Large organizations with a portfolio of properties are responsible for managing to a fluid landscape of facility changes and performance cost analysis. Managing increasingly complex real estate portfolios, providing productive spaces, optimizing transaction and lease decisions, and optimizing maintenance are just some of the many challenges you face every day.

A real estate & lease management system (REPM) gives your organization a competitive advantage by delivering a unified view of your property assets. This gives transparency and insight into your real estate data leading to better decision making so you can manage every aspect of your portfolio. Managing real estate and leases holistically as part of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) provides for better financial management, including accounting, lease management, space management, strategic planning, projects, corrective and preventive maintenance, and utility billing.

Key Benefits


Catalog All Buildings,
Land & Assets


Know Who
Uses Which Space


Visibility & Reporting

Never Miss Lease Deadlines

Never Miss
Lease Deadlines


Generate Lease
Invoices & Payments


Forecast Needs
with Confidence


Siloed Systems

Our Unique Approach


Define Your Physical Environment

Define your entire physical environment in a flexible, configurable system including all properties / land, buildings & rooms, systems & components, parks & trees, lakes / ponds, equipment, durable goods, fleet vehicles, roads & bridges, signs, etc.


Define Your Scope

FacilityForce is an enterprise application that can be deployed as narrowly or as broadly as you'd like, meaning you can use it within a single department, across multiple agencies or deploy it organization-wide (i.e., entire city/county/state/federal agency).

Some customers start with a single department (such as general services, facilities) and find they can easily add real estate, capital construction, transportation, health, education, corrections, parks and more. Ultimately, broader scope can be a force multiplier as greater visibility across a portfolio leads to better alignment with organizational goals.


Don't Miss a Thing

Pervasive WorkDesk reminders ensure you don't miss windows for implementing lease amendments and options.


Centralize Documentation

Have all property and lease-related documentation in one place and at your fingertips.

Manage payable and receivable leases including payment schedules, assigned services, and miscellaneous costs.


Make Administration Easier

Incorporate amendments and options. Payment schedules recalculate automatically.


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