State of New Mexico wins Elevate’s 2024 Steve Deines Achievement Award.

Austin, TX – 4/30/24: FacilityForce, a leading provider of integrated facilities and asset management solutions, is pleased to announce that the State of New Mexico General Services Department has been selected for this year’s Elevate 2024 Steve Deines Achievement Award. This award recognizes organizations that have successfully leveraged the power of integration and FacilityForce's family of products to achieve transformative change.

One of the key factors contributing to the State of New Mexico's recognition was their deployment of our solution across multiple agencies, leveraging our multi-tenant technology. The New Mexico General Services Department manages a portfolio consisting of roughly 6.8 million square feet of space in over 800 buildings with a replacement value of roughly $1.5 billion. The General Services Department (GSD) has brought several additional agencies onto the initial tenant, and the New Mexico Department of Health became a second tenant within that implementation.

Originally, the organization's capital projects were all managed in physical binders and weren't standardized with all of their procedures. This made collaboration difficult, leading to inconsistent practices and deferred maintenance. However, their multi-agency deployment proved to be a night and day difference with a shared view of their capital projects - not just internally but with all their other sister agencies.

Notably, the State of New Mexico had no preventative maintenance programs within agencies, and some agencies had no maintenance programs at all before implementing FacilityForce. They were stuck in a continuous cycle of replacing assets and running them into the ground. New Mexico GSD went beyond the initial implementation and deployed a preventative maintenance system for multiple agencies across the State. This integration allowed their sister agencies to move from a reactionary mode to a planning mode and a shared vision of maintenance.

Furthermore, the State of New Mexico demonstrated a forward-thinking approach by utilizing FacilityForce's Reporting and FCA modules. Before implementation, there was no actual data to report on, making funding requests challenging. Now they have reporting mechanisms through facility condition assessments, which confirm the end-of-life stages of their equipment. New Mexico GSD can pull valuable data from their reports and quickly point to conclusive evidence. This allows them to be more confident when making requests for capital outlay funds.

We congratulate the State of New Mexico on this well-deserved recognition and thank them for their partnership in realizing the potential of FacilityForce's Integrated Facility Management System (IWMS). The Steve Deines Achievement Award continues to celebrate the vision, hard work, and positive impact that the State of New Mexico brings to its organization and the communities it serves.

FacilityForce is pleased to announce the State of New Mexico General Services Department has won FacilityForce's Elevate 2024 Steve Deines Achievement Award. Congratulations to the State of New Mexico Team!

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