State of Vermont wins Elevate’s 2023 Steve Deines Achievement Award.

Austin, TX – May 17, 2023: FacilityForce, a leading provider of integrated facilities and asset management solutions, is pleased to announce that the State of Vermont Agency of Administration Building and General Services has been selected as this year’s Elevate 2023 Steve Deines Achievement Award. This award recognizes organizations that have successfully leveraged the power of integration and FacilityForce's family of products to achieve transformative change.

One of the key factors contributing to the State of Vermont's recognition was their innovative use of Engage™ Request. The State of Vermont manages and maintains an impressive 233 buildings, covering a total of 3.6 million square feet of facilities across over 9,000 square miles of land. The organization implemented over 30 Engage Request tiles, enabling their constituents to generate work orders, reserve public spaces, and report facility issues seamlessly. This large-scale deployment showcases their commitment to embracing change and streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.

Notably, the State of Vermont went beyond the initial implementation and integrated three separate interfaces with their financial system. This integration allows all work order charges to remain in sync with their financial system and ensures the availability of all contractors within Operate™

Furthermore, the State of Vermont demonstrated a forward-thinking approach by utilizing FacilityForce's products, such as Analyze™, Automate™, and several inbound and outbound data connectors. These tools played a vital role in achieving their vision and facilitating the integration process.

FacilityForce congratulates the State of Vermont on this well-deserved recognition and thanks them for their partnership in realizing the potential of integrated facility management solutions. The Steve Deines Achievement Award celebrates the vision, hard work, and positive impact that the State of Vermont brings to their organization and the communities they serve.

FacilityForce is pleased to announce the State of Vermont Agency of Administration Building and General Services has won FacilityForce's Elevate 2023 Steve Deines Achievement Award. Congratulations to the State of Vermont Team!

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