County achieves real estate alignment and drives efficiency by coupling asset management solution with ERP system.

Austin, TX – April 26, 2022: FacilityForce, Inc., a leading provider of facilities and asset management software solutions for state and local government, is proud to announce the County of Orange California as the 2022 AssetWorld Steve Deines Achievement Award winner. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in facilities and asset management using the FacilityForce family of software products.

The County of Orange’s story began in 2016 when they went looking for a new asset management solution to serve the needs of several departments including Public Works, the Sheriff’s Department and the Real Estate Office. Although their RFP was titled “Computerized Maintenance Management System”, what they ultimately wanted was so much more than that. They envisioned an asset management solution that could provide enterprise-wide visibility from a real estate perspective, and an integrated system that would provide financial insights to enable better decisions around owning vs. leasing, capital renewal vs. new construction, capacity planning and more.

The scope of the project was immense. Public Works supports 245 owned and leased facilities, including office buildings, parks, libraries, detention facilities, and a power plant totaling over 8 million square feet. The Sheriff’s Department maintains 56 properties comprising of 155 buildings, including minimum to maximum security jails, office buildings, communication sites, and special use facilities totaling over 2 million square feet. And the Real Estate Office is responsible for approximately 10 million square feet of leased and owned real property space representing 600+ separate facility records.

The County’s vision involved two significant steps, which were: 1) to replace multiple legacy systems with an enterprise asset management solution, and 2) to tightly couple the new system with their administrative and financial system (commonly known as an ERP). The result would be a real estate business intelligence solution enabling them to optimize property and asset resources for their 18,000 employees, minimizing costs for the organization.

We’re pleased to announce that the County of Orange has largely achieved their vision. Although there’s still work to do, they’ve achieved some amazing results already. A 40% reduction in manual processes, an 84% reduction in their work order backlog, a 34% reduction in work order aging, and so much more. More detail will be provided during the Government Spotlight session featuring the County of Orange on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 1pm Central Time as part of the AssetWorld Virtual User Conference.

FacilityForce is pleased to announce the County of Orange California as the 2022 AssetWorld Steve Deines Achievement Award winner. Congratulations to the County of Orange!

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In partnering with its customers, FacilityForce is pleased to have pioneered a new category of software it calls Facilities Resource Planning (FRP), which is a combination of its long-standing Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS software) tightly coupled with an organization's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to create a powerful property and asset intelligence system for better real estate alignment and decision making.