Many Facility Managers feel like they have to take a reactive approach to dealing with their assets and facilities, and don't know what's coming around the bend. 

Facilities Condition Assessments are a helpful tool to try and change that reactive approach to a proactive approach, but the issue is that they are normally done every 3-5 years or even longer in some cases. Depending on the timing of that reading or assessment, large gaps can start to occur, and the true condition of the asset or facility might not be reflected in your records. Adopting a facility management software system that has FCA capabilities may be a breakthrough for your organization. 

Using an FCA Software solution can almost be looked at as having a facilities condition assessment on the go. You could have an ongoing assessment of all your facilities and assets by the individuals who work on them on a daily basis. This allows you to have a baseline reading over time to make sure your assets and facilities perform to their expected life. 

If you're unsure of the condition of your assets or feel hopeless that you'll never get on top of your strategic planning this webinar is for you. You will learn how to create your needs library, the different Facility Condition Assessment strategies, and how to get started. 

By viewing this webinar you'll learn that it's never too late to get started on your planning and needs analysis no matter the amount of data on hand, and there's more than one way to do it. This webinar will help you realize which path is best for you and your organization. 


Click here to view the full presentation: FCA & Strategies Webinar

Facility Condition Assessment Software Webinar

Click here to view the full presentation: FCA & Strategies Webinar



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