The business of facilities management is complex, with almost as many moving pieces as there are assets to maintain. 

If you schedule and assign work for your facilities team, do you ever feel like a 1950's switchboard operator?

You are responsible for navigating the complexities of working the backlog, scheduling daily assignments, balancing workloads, remembering planned vacation, and juggling unexpected time off. There has to be a better way!

While AiM / Operate’s core functionality does give you the ability to manage all of this, it also requires navigating multiple screens, relying on personal queries, and generally clicking around a lot.

This was our inspiration for creating Team Scheduler, and easy to use tool for scheduling and assigning work across a large facilities team.

Become a well-oiled machine...

Delivering excellent customer service requires a well-oiled machine: from capturing requests correctly, to triaging work and scheduling resources, to ordering parts and inventory management, to accurately tracking records along the way, and having a complete asset inventory to begin with.

The work control center is a crucial component of this well-oiled machine. Your ability to quickly and efficiently allocate resources based on a broad range of information is key to delivering excellent customer service.

Using a sophisticated software system - like FacilityForce's Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) system - is one of the best ways to ensure your facilities department runs smoothly.

However, adding Team Scheduler to your AiM / Operate instance will quickly help optimize all of your Facility Management efficiencies, while retaining your daily sanity as a work scheduler.

AssetWorld 2022: Team Scheduler Presentation...

Working closely with some amazing clients, our team has significantly increased Team Scheduler's power and simplicity. We recently featured some of those improvements at our AssetWorld 2022 Users Conference. So if work scheduling is something you wish was easier, we are only a phone call away.

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