Prior to implementing a web-based Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), the SFC managed their facilities management and capital project funds in a variety of spreadsheets and nonintegrated databases.

This system of accounting made reporting a difficult and time-consuming task. There was just no structure in place to manage funds effectively and, quite frankly, did not even know how many projects were being funded. Controls over capital project monies did not exist and there was very little documentation on SFC business processes. After extensive analysis, the SFC estimated that out of 1,100 projects, 750 of those projects were overspent.


The Wyoming School Facilities Commission (SFC) began looking at other state agencies to see how they managed their assets. At that time, the one entity that stood out was the University of Wyoming, which uses FacilityForce’s IWMS software to manage its facilities. After an extensive review of available solutions, the SFC selected Operate by FacilityForce. The Operate solution would provide the accountability, internal controls, reporting, transparency and enforcement of business processes that the SFC needed to serve the citizens of Wyoming.

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During the implementation process, the SFC worked closely with FacilityForce to chart the course for SFC’s new system. FacilityForce employs a proven, industry-leading implementation methodology that is a collaborative effort between FacilityForce and the client. 


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