"Even the Simplest Tools can Empower People to Do Great Things." - Biz Stone

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become deeply entrenched as the world's simplest and most powerful tool for communication. 

Biz Stone, the company’s co-founder, says Twitter’s original inspiration came from watching a flock of birds seamlessly change directions in unison. While it might appear mysterious from afar, the mechanics are really quite simple – the birds are interpreting data in real time and making the appropriate adjustments.

Facility Management is not an easy job.

Facility Management is a complex symphony of processes and data management that, when done well, could look mysterious from afar. But we know the best Facility Managers are utilizing and interpreting data just like those birds

So what can we learn from Twitter?

Mr. Stone’s success is derived from his focus on creating and delivering a “simple but powerful tool.” While the platform is powerful (and fully integrated), we know that Operate and AiM are not simple tools. However, many of its add-on modules, like AssetSync and SpaceSync, are in-fact both simple and powerful.


Enter AssetSync & SpaceSync.

These two modules are very similar in nature – AssetSync focuses on the import, export, and review of asset related data; while SpaceSync focuses on the import, export, and review of space related data.

If you have a Facility Condition Assessment looming on the horizon, or plan on updating your PM Templates & Standards – AssetSync will be crucial to your success.

Alternatively, if you are interested in updating your occupancy or space usage data – SpaceSync will be crucial to your success.

Do you have the right tools for the job?

If your organization has not purchased AssetSync or SpaceSync, you could be wasting resources or even worse - entering bad data into your system of record. It might be time to employ these simple but powerful tools.

To Learn more about AssetSync or SpaceSync, watch how Washington State University implemented SpaceSync at this year’s AssetWorld User Conference.

Or reach out to your Customer Success Director - Steve Hanes for more information.

AssetSync & SpaceSync