AssetWorld 2022: Getting in Sync

SpaceSync & AssetSync Overview

AssetSync & SpaceSync: Simple, Powerful Modules for Facility Managers

As a solution, Operate / AiM provides robust screens with many necessary fields for data capture, entry, and update of a single record. It can be highly effective in this way, but when you need to mass enter assets when a new building comes online or add multiple rooms, or you need to make bulk edits, it can frankly be quite daunting.

Enter FacilityForce's AssetSync and SpaceSync.

This video will cover the Import / Export functions and capabilities of AssetSync and SpaceSync, as well as highlighting customers' actual cases / successes.

>>> Download: AssetSync Datasheet

>>> Download: SpaceSync Datasheet

HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


Full Presentation Agenda:

  • Introductions (0:00 min)
  • Using AiM at Washington State University (1:03 min)
  • Pre-SpaceSync Challenges (1:40 min)
  • SpaceSync Implementation (2:44 min)
  • How SpaceSync Works (4:28 min)
  • How to Export Property (10:23 min)
  • SpaceSync Summary (22:19 min)
  • SpaceSync Questions & Answers (26:12 min)
  • AssetSync Overview (36:12 min)
  • AssetSync Questions & Answers (44:52 min)



Bob Nichols
Facilities Manager
Washington State University


Miranda Ferry
Space Allocation Specialist
Washington State University

In this session, Washington State University highlight some of the simple (but powerful) functionality that SpaceSync and AssetSync provide.

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