Celebrating two decades with the same company is a significant milestone, and a testament to one's dedication and hard work.


Frank Sima

Frank Syma
CEO, FacilityForce


In case you’re wondering… That’s 240 months, or 1,040 weeks, or 7,305 days, or 175,316 hours, or 10,518,970 minutes. Someone who has been dedicated that long, and is key to FacilityForce's success, is Frank Syma, our CEO. Let's take a look at his 20-year path and some of his achievements along the way.

Frank has had several roles throughout his years from a Developer to Senior Developer, Director of Development, to Chief Product Officer, Chief Operating Officer and now CEO. From his start as a Programmer at AEC Data Systems to now CEO of FacilityForce, Frank's continuous leadership and determination have been instrumental in where we are today and important to his advancement over the past 20 years.


Continuous Thirst for Knowledge


Tony DeSilvester, Portfolio CEO, states, " Aside from being an absolute pleasure to work with, Frank's great sense of humility paired with his continuous thirst for knowledge and respective implementation of learnings, has propelled a fantastic personal growth story and career."

Tony DeSilvester

Tony DeSilvester
Portfolio CEO


Technical Skills & Talent 






Randy Walsh (2)

Randy Walsh
CEO, AssetWorks

With two decades of experience in the industry, Frank's skillset and talent are second to none. Those skills have been recognized beyond FacilityForce to other businesses in the portfolio like AssetWorks. Randy Walsh, CEO of AssetWorks, recalls, "From the first day, I started with AssetWorks, I recognized Frank’s technical talent and he became a key resource that I leaned on in both my product management and sales engineering role, he always found a way to make visions become reality. It wasn’t just Frank’s technical prowess that we came to rely on, as he progressed into management, his organization and ability to think several moves ahead allowed him and his teams to excel beyond expectations again and again. When FacilityForce was spun out from AssetWorks Facilities, it was bittersweet to not have Frank on my team, but I was also elated for him personally to have the opportunity to take the helm of the newly created FacilityForce business and to continue his professional development. My sincerest congratulations to Frank on his 20th work anniversary, and I look forward to seeing how he leads and grows the FacilityForce business!".


Relentless Dedication and Determination

Frank's continuous dedication to his work and organization is unmatched. He remains committed to achieving short and long-term goals, organizational objectives, and serving his customers. Cristina Wheless, Group Leader, says, "For 20 years, Frank has demonstrated every day how focus, determination, humility, and hard work can build an amazing company that stands the test of time. Frank marks his 20th work anniversary as the newly appointed FacilityForce CEO, and we're incredibly proud of what FacilityForce has accomplished under his leadership. Congratulations Frank and thank you on behalf of all the AssetWorks & FacilityForce employees and customers who have benefited from working with you. You are a leader people want to follow, and a friend we're all grateful came into our lives."




Cristina Wheless

Cristina Wheless
Group Leader

On top of celebrating and honoring Frank's incredible 20-year journey, we would also like to acknowledge the culture at FacilityForce. We put importance on creating an environment that promotes professional growth and continuous learning. It can explain why Frank and so many other employees here at FacilityForce have stayed with us over the years. 

We tip our hats to you, Frank. You're the epitome of leadership, dedication, and determination, and here's to many more years of success!