FacilityForce created to focus on integrated facilities and asset management needs for the government and commercial sectors.


Austin, TX - August 19, 2021: AssetWorks Facilities, a part of the Volaris Group of vertical software companies, is pleased to announce the formation of FacilityForce, a new business carved out of AssetWorks Facilities to focus specifically on the integrated facilities and asset management software needs for government and commercial organizations.

In the works since 2020, FacilityForce and its suite of Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) software solutions is positioned to address current and future facilities and asset management challenges that government and commercial organizations face today.


How does the creation of FacilityForce benefit existing customers?

To ensure continuity without disruption, customers will be pleased to know that many current AssetWorks Facilities staff will transition to the newly formed FacilityForce team, and this team will immediately sharpen its focus on the needs of our government and commercial customers.

AssetWorks Facilities government and commercial customers will continue to leverage the products they know and love (ReADY, AiM, Go, IQ and Business Automation) as we roll out FacilityForce branded versions and work with each customer on a transition plan that works best for them.


What does the formation of FacilityForce mean for prospective customers? 

Prospective customers can look forward to an even stronger facilities management solution that's more sharply focused on their needs, joining a family of customers comprised of similar organizations with similar needs, and working with an industry leading software vendor whose top priority is collaborating with its customers on industry-specific solutions.


We couldn't be more excited about FacilityForce

“We couldn't be more excited to announce the formation and launch of FacilityForce. With the roll-out of our Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) suite of solutions, 100% focus on addressing the needs of the government and commercial markets, and many great customer partnerships in place, we are uniquely positioned to continue our expansion of providing world-class enterprise facilities and asset management solutions. It is a win-win for our customers, partners, and employees. The future is bright for facilities and asset management." said Keith O'Brien, General Manager of FacilityForce.

About FacilityForce

FacilityForce was created specifically to address the facilities & asset management challenges that government and commercial organizations face today, with innovative software solutions that represent the future of facilities management. Although FacilityForce may look like a new name in the industry, it was carved out of AssetWorks Facilities, a software developer with a rich history dating back to 1991 (30+ years ago). Both FacilityForce and AssetWorks Facilities are business units within Constellation Software Inc.