Webinar: Need to integrate your Facilities Management data with other systems?

New Solutions Make it Easier Than You Think

Many Facilities Management departments are behind the curve on integrating their data with other systems. 

If you find yourself in this category, fear not - we have a webinar that addresses your challenges and provides solutions.

Join us for an educational webinar about why the complex world of integrating your Facilities Management data is a symptom of old technology.

You Will Learn:

✓  Why Facilities Management data integration is now a requirement

✓  How integration improves cross-organizational functionality and reporting

✓  Why complex system integrations are historical problems of the past

✓  How a catalog of data connectors simplifies & standardizes your information



Shane Weissinger
Senior Solutions Engineer

Brandon Ring

Brandon Ring
Director of Marketing
Need to Integrate your Facilities Management Data with Other Systems?

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