"Capturing Assets
in 3 Steps or Less"

Streamlining your facility data entry doesn't have to be a nightmare.

We know bringing new facilities online and integrating them into existing systems and processes can be a major undertaking.

With the right tools and a sound methodology, incorporating your new facilities' data entry doesn't have to keep you up at night.

The Commonwealth of Virginia DGS - Division of Real Estate and Facilities Management is finalizing $.5B of new, state-of-the-art facilities within their capitol complex. During one of the phases, the CoV managed to reduce the manhours for updating assets by over 90%. 

Watch as the Commonwealth of Virginia DGS provides an overview on how to capture a complete asset inventory, establish preventive maintenance rules, and integrate new facilities into existing systems and maintenance operations.


  • Integrate new facilities into existing systems & maintenance operations

  • Capturing your complete asset inventory

  • Establish preventive maintenance rules



Anthony Griffin
Director of Maintenance & Operations
Virginia Department of General Services


Steve Hanes
Director of Customer Success


Kevin Raasch
VP of Marketing
Capturing Assets in 3 Steps or Less

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