On Monday, April 13th the State of Wyoming received the 2018 AssetWorld Innovation Award. Another victory for the finance team at the Wyoming State Construction Department (WSCD). For the second time in three years, the team has won the prestigious AssetWorld Innovation Award for excellence in facilities management technologies.

AssetWorks, developer of the department’s AiM Facilities Management Software, annually honors the organization with “the highest degree of efficiency, productivity and service delivery” when utilizing AiM. State Construction uses AiM to store and analyze data on Wyoming’s K-12 school facilities, community colleges and state buildings. AiM also tracks the dollars spent to build, modernize, and maintain those facilities.

WSCD first won the award in 2015, and then scored a repeat during a ceremony in Washington, DC on April 13. Delbert McOmie, the agency’s director, praised the finance team for its ongoing commitment to service excellence. “They’re very talented people,” McOmie said. “And they never stop striving to do the best work possible.”

Members of the winning team are: Brandon Finney (Finance Administrator), Jerimi Revell (Chief Financial Officer/AiM DBA), Lorraine Cole (Accounting Analyst), Raj Dhami (AiM Assistant/Accounting Analyst), Janet Garrison (Accounting/AiM Coordinator), Opal Hunt (Accountant), Taner Norton (Facilities Manager), Debbie Storms (O&M Administrator), and Tamra Wales (Contract Administrator).