Innovative FacilityForce software provides a powerful property and asset intelligence system for facilities strategic planning.


Austin, TX – May 5, 2022: FacilityForce is pleased to announce the availability of Version 13.0 of its Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) software suite. Version 13.0 advances FacilityForce’s vision for FRP, which is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that can be tightly coupled with your organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, creating a powerful property and asset intelligence system.

FacilityForce’s software enables facilities strategic planning, financial management, and performance optimization from a real estate, facilities or asset lifecycle perspective so government and commercial organizations can focus on stewardship of their property portfolios. The FRP suite provides a complete, end-to-end solution including a self-service portal for your customers (ENGAGE™), an enterprise facilities and asset management backend (OPERATE™), role-based apps for your mobile workforce (PERFORM™), business intelligence and reporting (ANALYZE™), and tools for streamlining processes and interfacing with other systems (AUTOMATE™).

Engage Requests, the popular self-service portal for streamlining customer service, got a significant makeover in Version 13.0, making it even more user-friendly, easier for organizations to apply their own branding, and helping to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. The Operate enterprise backend was enhanced with Advanced Work Order Billing to accommodate billing scenarios where an estimated amount is preferred regardless of actual charges incurred. Operate also got a new GIS action to create a work order directly from an asset.

Version 13.0 also achieved important progress on the multi-year roadmaps for Analyze (the system’s built-in business intelligence) and Automate (the tools for integrating with other systems). Analyze now has a number of new property location highcharts reports, can access custom reporting sources (custom tables/views), supports rolling time window filtering (ISO 8601), and more. Automate was enhanced with new scheduling options, the addition of seven new Data Connectors (DCs), and a significant number of parameter improvements.

Detailed release notes can be found in the Customer Resource Center on FacilityForce’s website ( Customers can contact FacilityForce’s Customer Care Team to request an upgrade; designated system administrators can call (800) 268-0325 or email to initiate the request. The process for upgrading will vary depending on whether your environment is hosted or on-premises.

About FacilityForce

FacilityForce was created specifically to address the facilities & asset management challenges that government and commercial organizations face today, with innovative software solutions that represent the future of facilities management. Although FacilityForce may look like a new name in the industry, it was actually spun-off of AssetWorks Facilities, a software developer with a rich history dating back to 1991 (30+ years ago). Both FacilityForce and AssetWorks Facilities are business units within Constellation Software Inc.