Optimizing Operations with Mobile Applications: Requesting & Receiving

More mobility, more efficiency...

This session will introduce the functionality available in Go / Perform Mobile Apps from a conceptual level, highlight customer use cases, as well as their successes.

Go Purchasing (Perform Material Request) provides staff in the field the ability to do real-time requesting of parts, record in-store purchasing transactions, and so much more. 

Meanwhile, Go Receiving (Perform Material Receiving) compliments and extends the back office receiving capabilities of AiM / Operate by providing employees on the receiving dock precise functionality they need in the field, such as sign-for-receive, scan to disburse, and reject shipments with photo documentation.

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>>> Download: Perform Material Requests Datasheet

>>> Download: Perform Material Receiving Datasheet

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HubSpot Video


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Full Presentation Agenda:

  • Introductions (0:00 min)
  • Problem Statements (0:56 min)
  • Value of Mobile Applications (3:21 min)
  • Design Considerations (4:01 min)
  • Purchasing: Key Benefits (7:24 min)
  • Requesting: Live Demonstration (9:17 min)
  • Requesting: Use Cases (15:26 min)
  • Requesting: Summary (25:27 min)
  • Receiving: Key Benefits (26:30 min)
  • Receiving: Use Cases (26:47 min)
  • Receiving: Summary (26:47 min)
  • Receiving: Live Demonstration (32:57 min)
  • Questions & Answers (37:32 min)


Tony Headshot

Tony Rovano
Director of Product

Matt Turner

Matt Turner
Director of
Professional Services

In this session, Tony and Matt highlight some of the new features within mobile apps - requesting and receiving.

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