Constellation Software Inc.

Constellation Software is an international provider of market-leading software and services to a number of industries. Our mission is to acquire, manage and build market-leading software businesses that develop specialized, mission-critical software solutions to address the specific needs of our particular industries.

Both FacilityForce (Government & Commercial) and AssetWorks Facilities (Higher Education) are sister business units within Constellation Software Inc.

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Constellation Software
  • Since its IPO in 2006, Constellation's shares have returned an average of 37 per cent annually. This beats tech and internet giants, such as Apple and Amazon over the same time frame.

  • 6 Operating Groups currently service customers in over 100 different markets worldwide.

  • Headquarters in Toronto, Canada and offices in North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa.

  • Generates consolidated revenues exceeding US $4 billion.

  • Over 25,000 employees employeed.

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The best way to confirm whether FacilityForce is a good fit for your organization (and vice versa) is for us to discuss your specific challenges and goals, so let's talk...